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Discover the wonders of nature’s bounty with Blind Trapper Holistic Foods. Nestled in the heart of Canada’s largest inland Delta – the Cumberland Delta, we are committed to sustainably harvesting and delivering the best wild edibles.

Welcome to Blind Trapper Holistic Foods

Situated within the lush green landscapes of the Cumberland Delta, Blind Trapper Holistic Food Supplier Canada invites you on a journey of taste, tradition, and sustainability. We are more than a food company. We are a community of passionate individuals committed to preserving the richness of our land while offering you nature's finest.

As a renowned name in the sustainable food industry, we offer an array of wild, organic food products that are harvested right from the heart of Canada's largest inland delta. Our intricate understanding of the local flora allows us to carefully select and harvest a wide variety of edibles without disturbing the harmony of the ecosystem.

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Top view of yarrow flower
Top view of yarrow flower
Close up photo of wild mint in it's flowering stage
Top View of Labrador Tea Flower
Top View of Labrador Tea Flower

Our Story

Blind Trapper Holistic Foods was conceived through the shared vision of Mark Monsebroten and Cara Greyeyes. Equipped with extensive knowledge and a deep respect for nature's provisions, they sought to create a venture that intertwines the wisdom of traditional food sourcing methods with modern, sustainable practices.

Their shared belief—that it is far better to eat food as medicine than to eat medicine as food—formed the bedrock of Blind Trapper. This philosophy is woven into the fabric of our operations, influencing everything from the way we select our products to the relationships we foster with our customers and community.

In 2022 alone, we were able to produce 27 diverse product varieties, each reflecting the vibrant bounty of the Cumberland Delta. The journey, however, does not stop here. We continually strive to expand our range, discovering and introducing new, unique products from this fertile land.

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Our Holistic Food Supplier Canada Team

We are proud of our dedicated crew of local harvesters, drawn from the communities surrounding the Cumberland Delta, including Cumberland House, Shore Lake, and Red Earth, Saskatchewan. Their intimate knowledge of the land and its offerings, passed down through generations, is an integral part of our success.

We believe in empowering our local communities. By offering employment and aiding in delivering our harvesters' products to markets both local and abroad, we are nurturing an ecosystem where tradition, community, and sustainability thrive.

Photograph of Mark Monsebroten, standing on the ice, holding a large fish

Mark Monsebroten


Photograph of Cara Greyeyes standing in front of Stony Rapids

Cara Greyeyes


Why Sustainable Harvesting is Important

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Preservation of Ecosystems

Sustainable harvesting helps maintain and preserve the biodiversity of ecosystems. By ensuring that we only take what the environment can support, we allow nature to replenish itself, preserving it for future generations.

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Social Responsibility

Sustainable harvesting is a matter of social responsibility. It recognizes that our actions today have an impact on the future. By practicing sustainable harvesting, we contribute to the global efforts in protecting our planet and ensuring its longevity.

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Economic Viability

Sustainability and economics go hand-in-hand. By practicing sustainable harvesting, we can ensure a long-term supply of resources. This ensures a stable income for our local harvesters and a continuous supply of products for our customers. It’s a win-win scenario that promotes economic viability and growth.

Top View of Labrador Tea Flower