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Holistic Food Harvester

We want to share our knowledge with people who realize that it’s way better to eat your food as medicine than to have to eat medicine as your food!

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About The Blind Trapper Holistic Food Supplier

Discover the wonders of nature's bounty with Blind Trapper Holistic Foods. Nestled in the heart of Canada's largest inland Delta - the Cumberland Delta, we are committed to sustainably harvesting and delivering the best wild edibles. Our team comprises local harvesters who have an intimate knowledge of this rich land and are dedicated to preserving its beauty and abundance.

In 2022 alone, we produced 27 diverse product varieties, each embodying the essence of the Cumberland Delta. Blind Trapper Holistic Foods is a brainchild of Mark Monsebroten and Cara Greyeyes, passionate advocates for the richness of nature's pantry. We are proud to be a locally sourced holistic food supplier from Canada.

Our Products

Dive into the world of natural, organic, and sustainably sourced food products with The Blind Trapper. Explore our range of 27 different products, each harvested with care and attention to ensure you get the best of what the Cumberland Delta has to offer. Embrace the benefits of eating your food as medicine and discover a new way of life with our wild edible products.

Experience the abundant richness of the Cumberland Delta in every bite with Blind Trapper Holistic Foods.

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Meet the Founders of Blind Trapper Holistic Food Supplier

Mark Monsebroten and Cara Greyeyes bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in studying wild medicines, herbs, and food sources. With their shared vision, they founded Blind Trapper Holistic Foods. They believe in food as your medicine, highlighting the immense health benefits our natural surroundings can provide. Together, they are keen to share their wisdom with people who appreciate the advantages of holistic and natural nutrition.